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This is a course covering the statistical methods of forecasting in business domain. Time-series analysis and some others will be covered. The maintainer is Xiaorui Zhu(zhuxiaorui1989@gmail.com), a Ph.D. candidate at Linder College of Business, University of Cincinnati.

Lecture and Lab Notes

1. Why we care forecasting and How

Lecture and Lab

2. Basic Tools for Forecasting

Find Lecture in BB and Lab

3. Forecasting Non-Seasonal Series

4. Seasonal Series: Forecasting and Decomposition

5. State-Space Models for Time Series

6. Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) Models

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7. Simple Linear Regression for Forecasting

Lecture and Lab and Gas Price Case Study

8. Multiple Regression for Time Series

Lecture and Lab and Gas Price Case Study 2

9. Model Building

Lecture and Lab and Model Building

10. Advanced Methods of Forecasting

Lecture Lab

11. Judgment-Based Forecasting

Lecture Lab

12. Putting Forecasting Methods to Work

Lecture Lab

13. Forecasting in Practice

Lecture Lab