General Engagement Guidelines

10% of your grade will be determined by your level of engagement. Engagement will include participating in class discussions, small group projects, providing quality peer review of code, and being involved in discussions on Canvas. At the end of the term I will have all students perform a peer assessment of their small group members. This assessment will rate each member in several areas regarding:

  • Reviewing and providing constructive feedback regarding your code
  • Engaging in quality discussions with the group to improve code knowledge
  • Working well as a team member in the small group activities
  • etc.

I will use this feedback to help in determining your level of engagement. Remember, everyone starts out as a bad coder and everyone remains deficient in one area or another regardless how long they have been coding. By working together you will learn from other people’s strengths and at the same time identify where your strengths are so that you can share those with others.