Week 5 (Nov 15)

Being able to create visualizations (graphical representations) of data is a key step in data analysis. In this module you will learn to use the ggplot2 library to visualize your data. As illustrated in week 2, R does provide built-in plotting functions; however, the ggplot2 library implements what is known as the Grammar of Graphics. This makes it particularly effective for describing how visualizations should represent data, and has turned it into the preeminent plotting library in R.

This week will provide you the knowledge and skills required to create the meaningful, elegant, and finely tuned data visualizations that I will be looking for in your final project.


  • Your final project is due by 11:59PM, Dec 3rd, 2021.
  • .Rmd files may take much longer to knit and render than you think. Anticipate and plan for potential delays!
  • Refer to the final project page to know what to submit and how to submit everything.
  • Unless you have large files to send in addition to the data sets that are provided on the course website and need to email everything, please submit your final project URL and any necessary files via Canvas.
  • Please include your name(s) in the YAML.


Please download the materials for Monday’s class:

Title Handouts
Lecture 05-A Slides
Lecture 05-B Slides
In-class exercise pdf